Boston Marathon 2015 training gear

Boston Marathon 2015 official training shirt

adidas released the official Boston Marathon 2015 training shirt today. Of course, I promptly bought it. I’m sure I will buy any other accessories they release too. Bring on the official headband, socks, shorts, compression gear and whatever else!

Tuesday is Binita’s day off. She and I went to The Village today as I started the warm-up for my Boston Marathon training. During training, the idea is to run three times a week and do yoga, swim and spin once a week each. Mondays will be rest days although I may mix up an easy workout for 30 minutes.

Today, I ran on the treadmill for an hour. I am still experimenting with the different treadmills at The Village. I have found that the ones facing East are easier than the ones facing West (possibly because a slightly slanted floor). Today’s run was relatively easy; I was controlling my heartrate to level 1 and 2 for all of the run and still ended up running about 7.2 miles. Not bad after all the lousy runs over the past couple of weeks.

Mitch swung by to say hello but I was smack-dab in the middle of my run and slightly out-of-breath. He was about to go to spin class!

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