Peculiar and quirky habits added some zen

I am absent-minded. Anyone who knows me personally knows this. I forget my credit card at restaurants all the time. I lose my keys in the office and at home all the time. I lose track of my mobile phone all the time too. Somehow though, they always comes back to me. Even when I lose things at the most obscure places (e.g. airports, restaurant bathrooms, gyms, hotel lobbies, etc.), it is usually only minutes before I realize that something is amiss and I trace back to retrieve it. Today at The Village, I lost my phone for only a minute before realizing that I have lost it. I backtracked to the bike machine, the restroom, back to the bike machine, back to the restroom; nothing. I was losing my mind!! Apparently, someone found it and had already returned it back downstairs to the front desk. Sigh (of relief).

I only had time to do a 30-minute spin today. I went out for a business dinner all they way to downtown Phoenix. Work is about to get pretty busy because my company (Parsus) is about to embark on a pretty large project for the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. I will definitely have to get out of my Scottsdale bubble often for this one.

Missy has slowed down in the past couple of weeks. She is also more clingy. She doesn’t want to chase the ball as much. She doesn’t bark as much. She sleeps a lot more. We miss Simi’s presence. Although she had some peculiar and quirky habits, Simi added some zen to our family. My heart remains heavy with her memories.

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