Some people are natural athletes

Some people are just natural athletes. I recently met Elizabeth (through CJ) who did her first Ironman last year in Arizona in sub-12 hours. She had no formal training plan and no nutrition plan. She had no coach either. I toiled through 2013 for IMAZ only to drop out a week before the race; and then finished the Cabo Ironman in 15+ hours. Like I said, some people are natural athletes and some of us work hard at it!

The day started with an easy 50-minute run by the canal at India Bend. It was a gorgeous morning with near perfect temperature, no wind and bright sun. I was able to regulate my heartrate quite perfectly in level 1 and 2 except for the 5×30-second sprints.

I get two free stretch sessions at The Village. I used up the first one today with Mel for 30 minutes. She told me that I was “tight” – I already know that!!

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