Cold run in Tennessee

Hilly run in Franklin, Tennessee

Nashville is cold. Temperatures are mostly in the 40s and 50s with a light breeze. It is lovely to hang out with Julie and Len. Renee is away to yogi camp this weekend. The four of us talk endlessly about old times, food, wine, travels, family, friends, life, love, etc. etc. Conversations are effortless.

This morning, I ran for exactly 8 miles in chilly 50-degree weather. As you can see from the elevation, the entire run was constantly hilly (up and down) making it somewhat difficult to hold a steady pace. I was cold for the first 5 minutes but then warm under two layers and gloves. The light breeze, hazy sunshine and fall leaves made for a thoroughly enjoyable run through some of the streets in Franklin, Tennessee. I regulated my heart-rate mostly in the high 140s and low 150s. My pace of 8:47 per mile was nothing to write home about, but that is where I’m at these days. With proper training, hopefully I will get faster!

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