Energy efficiency in Arizona

I am a big proponent of energy efficiency. We depend way too much on non-renewable energy like coal and petrol. There is no reason for us not to harness solar energy in Arizona. There is more sunshine in Arizona than pretty much anywhere else on Earth. While the capital costs for solar energy are high, the efficiency of producing and consuming electricity is also high.

A few months ago, Katie introduced me to Sunrun and the concept of residential solar energy on rooftops. I had an assessment done of our electricity bill and realized that solar is the right move morally, ethically and economically. I singed up with Sunrun to install solar on my roof. Today, one of my garage roof-tiles were cleared out to make room for solar panels. In a month or so, I will consume about 50% less energy from the electricity grid.

Our goal is also to start driving all-electric cars in the next year. We are eyeing a few cars. Of course, Tesla is on top of the list followed by the BMW i3 and the all-electric Smartcar. One step at a time!

As for my workout today, I went out to The Village a 45-minute spin. It was quick and easy. Binita is back from Nashville and we are back to being a family of 4. Simi is always with me in my heart.

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