Tough winds at Ironman Arizona

Congratulations to Meredith Kessler and Brent McMahon for winning Ironman Arizona 2014. Both had absolutely stellar performances in windy conditions.

Although Ironman Arizona is considered one of the easier races, all Ironman races are tough. Sometimes, weather conditions make them tougher. It was a beautiful day in Tempte today, but winds picked up in the late morning and continued increasing throughout the day.

Take a look at Meredith Kessler’s bike split. You can see that her speed ranged from 32MPH (freaking fast) to a pedestrian 16MPH (in heavy winds, this is pretty good speed). Will didn’t quite top last year’s performance of a sub-10-hour Ironman but still finished in a pretty spectacular 10:29.

My Ironman dreams are on hold for now, but I’m confident I will be back in the latter part of 2015. We’ll see how my blood tests go after the Boston Marathon. In a few days, I will find out about the Berlin Marathon lottery. My fingers are crossed!

For my workout today, I went to Lifetime Fitness (yuck) for yoga. I have a few more days left in my membership; and it was good to see Gwen and some of my yoga friends at Lifetime.

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