Key fob battery is dead

Today is the first day of rest week. This means that all my workouts this week will be easy and relatively short. It has cooled down in Phoenix over the past few days. High temperatures hover in the 70s these days making all the outdoor workouts very comfortable.

After a 30-minute abs class at The Village, I ran for 40 minutes at a very easy pace at Level 1 effort. My average pace was just under 9-minute-miles.

The crazy thing that happened today was that the battery in my car key fob died. My car (Hyundai Sonata Hybrid) gave me a warning that there is no key found when I tried to start the car. I needed to insert the key in the ignition. Problem is, there is no place to insert the key in the dashboard. I even went through the car manual. Nada. Binita had to come pick me up. Fortunately, we have a spare at home; and fortunately, my car was at The Village which is very close to our house. I’ll have to ask the Hyundai dealership where to insert the key. Ya, I feel pretty stupid!!

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