Rejected from Berlin Marathon

I consider myself pretty lucky. If the odds are even, I usually get picked. Maybe the law of averages is catching up because I was REJECTED from the Berlin Marathon lottery. I got email from them telling me “Kein Losglück” which means “No luck in drawing.” Of course they gave me alternatives to participate through charity or through some expensive travel agency. No thanks. I will try to get in to either Chicago or New York in the fall of 2015.

To drown in my sorrow from the Berlin Marathon rejection (kidding), I decided to call today a rest day! Ha!

This evening was the Parsus happy hour at Modern Margarita. It was fun and festive with about 20 people who showed up. Drinks were flowing like water; there was a lot of laughter in a happy, easygoing setting. I love that a lot of my clients are my friends too; old and new. We have mutual love and respect.

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