Runners are a peculiar breed

We runners are a peculiar breed. We have peculiar habits and use peculiar language. We don’t drink, we hydrate. We don’t eat sweet stuff, we carb up. We hang on to our “retired” pair of running shoes; somehow we don’t have the heart to get rid of them. We only do laundry when we are out of running clothes. We only listen to music to perfectly match our running cadence. We can talk about running endlessly. We are proud that we run more than we drive. While most people unwind by lounging on the sofa, we go out on a 2-hour easy run to unwind.

And then there are are triathletes; even more peculiar!

I ran for 7 miles around Lifetime Fitness and the Scottsdale Sports Complex for an hour. It was a gorgeous 60-degree day with calm winds and lovely sunshine. It felt smooth and easy. From a year ago, my speed has dropped about 30 seconds per mile at the same effort. It’ll get faster over the next few months!

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