Prepping for a 5k tomorrow

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. If you read about Thanksgiving on Wikipedia, it seems like a pretty hokey holiday to celebrate. There are plenty of groups (especially the Native Americans) who disagree with the tradition of Thanksgiving and even call it “Unthanksgiving Day.” For most Americans though, the significance of Thanksgiving centers around two things; eating turkey and black Friday (another hokey tradition popularized by retailers).

Anyway, most people take off work early to mark the start of the long weekend. For me though, it was a hectic day at work today. I did manage to escape at around 5:30PM for a quick 45-minute spin on the bike at The Village. I spun easy today because tomorrow is my first race in months.

I have low expectations for the race tomorrow. My conditioning is poor and I am quite certain that I have lost some of my lung capacity since my medical issues earlier this year. I should lower my expectations and should be happy if I can manage anything close to a 7-minute-per-mile pace, but we runners always expect to PR in every race. My PR pace for a 5k is sub 6:30 per mile. That is out of the realm of possibility tomorrow!

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