4th out of 70 is not bad

Most people take off on the day after Thanksgiving. Most offices are closed. That was not the case for us today. We were busy today. It was a productive day at work. I did manage to go for Happy Hour Yoga at The Village this evening.

I’m still licking my wounds from yesterday’s race. I sent my result and Garmin data to my coach who replied back with consoling words, “Great run! You have not lost all your fitness!” I take that as a positive. It is expected that one would have a slightly slower pace and a slightly higher heart-rate than peak condition. Unfortunately, the fact is that I am now about 30 seconds a mile slower than my peak and my heart rate is revving just a bit higher.

I guess coming in 4th out of 70 in my age group is not too shabby. But I have run a 5k in 19:47, and that would have given me gold handily!

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