Flying and thinking of Simi

I am now flying somewhere over Hungary, about to cross over to Romaina (I think) as I write this. All flights have been on time. So far, Jet Airways has been a pretty smooth airline. Food is good. Service is good. I have splurged for business class this time but still haven’t slept much. I have seen two movies. One called 3 Idiots with Amir Khan (decent movie but a bit too long) and Filmistaan about India-Pakistan relations mixed in with a bit of cricket and a bit of bollywood (another decent movie especially if you understand Hindi and don’t want to read sub-titles).
Simi is on my mind as I fly. It has been just short of two months since she passed away. I miss her immensely. For the past dozen-plus years, she was the light of my life. I always knew that I will outlive Simi (and Missy) but thinking of them passing away has always been taboo. I never thought that Simi would leave a void in my heart that not even Missy can fulfill. Missy and I play lovingly. Missy and I are close, but Simi and I had a special bond. It hurts to think about her, but I don’t want to stop hurting. It is a good kind of hurt.

My training is on hold while I fly. These couple of weeks will be spotty for training but I do plan on getting my long run in this Saturday or Sunday. Apparently, Ahmedabad has this river-front that everyone is raving about. Maybe I’ll run there. It’ll bring back some old memories as I will go under some of the bridges I have bicycled on (Nehru, Gandhi and Subhash bridges).

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