The flight to India

House of MG
I can’t believe how long it takes to fly to India. I am somewhere over the Atlantic as I write this. My flight has taken me from Phoenix to Toronto on Air Canada Rouge and am now flying to Brussels on Jet Air. The Air Canada flight was pretty empty; I had a whole row of seats all to myself! I slept.
On December 9, the house that my father grew up in has a “grand opening” as a hotel called House of MG (CG Wing). If you have ever seen the movie called “The Best Marigold Hotel” or something, this is NOTHING like that. If is far grander and far more realistic. My second cousin Abhay bought the property from my family recently; he has an excellent eye for aesthetics. I cannot wait to see what he has done with it!
A great many of my family members will be in attendance. I haven’t told my mum that I am visiting; it’s a surprise! I arrive in Delhi tomorrow night and then fly to Ahmedabad around noon the day after.

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