Synchronized chaos in India

I landed in India last night. As soon as I landed, I could smell the food mixed in with fresh smell of diesel and nasty body odor. It stimulates the senses like nothing else can. It is vibrant with dozens of colors, languages, rituals, religions and customs. Oh and the traffic; it is undescribable!!

I feel at home in the synchronized chaos of India. I have a permanent smile on my face!
I guess I jinxed my smooth journey by blogging yesterday that there have been no flight delays. My flight from Delhi to Ahmedabad is late! I’m writing this sitting at the Delhi airport waiting for the plane to arrive. It appears to be a 3-hour delay (so far).
The plan was to surprise my mother at lunch today, but obviously that plan is not going to happen. Sheelben (my sister) had perfectly choreographed the plan telling my mother that she will have friends over for lunch. Well…lunch has come and gone and I am still in Delhi! Now we shall see what transpires.

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