Running in Ahmedabad is like playing frogger

After a long flight delay, I finally arrived in Ahmedabad yesterday evening. I was at my mom’s house in no time, but she was away socializing with friends. When she returned, she was completely surprised that I was sitting in her living room with my sister and her kids. It was a great moment captured on video by my niece. It has been played multiple times on multiple family channels (WhatsApp, email, SMS, etc.). Good times…

This morning, I went for a quick 4-mile run in Ahmedabad. Weaving through traffic and avoiding the uneven surface was like playing real-life frogger. It was actually fun! I started the run just before sunrise and ran for all of 34 or so minutes.

The rest of today was full of eating and socializing. It seems like wherever I go, I meet my old and dear friends. Lunch was at Swati, one of my favorite restaurants that serves traditional Gujarati fare. I saw half of the Sutaria family. They are always full of warmth and love!

In the evening we went to a play by Mallika Sarabhai called Kadak Badhshah; about the history and culture of Ahmedabad mixed in with some political commentary and humor. I love Mallika’s work. Her sets are creative yet clean. Her message is clear yet thought-provoking. The Sarabhai family has done more to enhance the cultural scene in Ahmedabad than any other family in town. Thanks to Saurin-Rupal who sponsored the show and invited a host of guests, we had a fabulous time. Of course, I ran into a host of old friends and relatives.

After the play, Manish-Anisha, one of their friends Nivi, my mom and I went out to eat (at around 10PM) to the cafe downstairs at Fortune where I ran into my old badminton partner Nirav and his wife Vaishu. Ahmedabad has more than 5 million people but everyone knows everyone. Even after almost 30 years of not living in the city, I find friends and relatives at every nook and corner. I love it!!

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