Ahmedabad Riverfront Sunrise

I remember the Sabarmati river with a dry and sandy riverbed, buffaloes swimming, washermen washing clothes and an occasional circus tent. Today, there is a dam on the Southern boundary of Ahmedabad and the river is full of water. On its western bank is the half-complete riverfront where I ran up and down for a total of 11+ miles.

The riverfront is a concrete path with the river on one side and a solid wall on the other. It has steps every quarter of a mile to access the road. It is sterile and industrial looking, yet it has the potential to be a hub of activity. The river itself is dirty in parts but the flowing water makes for a generally pleasing sight.

I started running early in the morning and saw a gorgeous orange sunrise over the river. I ran under the Nehru, Gandhi, Ellis, Subhash and a couple more bridges. On the south side, I ran all the way to the dam and enjoyed the run.

The rest of the day was spent socializing with family and close friends. The streets of Ahmedabad may have changed, but the social scene has remained the same. I’m very much at home!!

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