The longest lunch – only in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad has the perfect social scene. If you grew up here, you’d know that the warmth and love shared by the natives is unmatched. It may seem clicky and even a bit incestuous to outsiders, but if you inside the circle of society, it is quite perfect.

The summer of 82 was one of the best times in my life. I spent it at Ahmedabad Gymkhana and with my friends in Shahibaug. I met up with Sajani today for lunch who is one of my dearest friends, and reminisced about the young and carefree times in the final years of my teens. We have all evolved since then, but we remain the same. We started with lunch, ended up at a cafe (where this elephant went ambling by) and ultimately ended up having tea at her house where more friends joined us. Lunch lasted 6 hours. Only in Ahmedabad!!

Dinner was relatively quick with Niyati (my cousin). Now that I have reconnected (literally) with old friends, I will make it a point not to disconnect again. In spite of awful traffic and chaos, I love this place. My heart is here!

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