Another gorgeous Sabarmati sunrise and M500

It was a lovely morning for a brisk hourlong run. I ran along the Sabarmati river and saw the sun come up over the river. The sounds of the city bustling around me as I ran in solitude along the river were perfectly juxtaposed with the serenity of the sunrise. I felt good throughout the run stopping at the half-way point to take this picture. I ran just short of 8 miles in 64 minutes.

The main event was this evening. The grand opening of the CG Wing of House of MG was a festive affair with about 500 of my family members gathered in their finest traditional garbs. Outsiders are calling the event M500 (M stands for Machkania – a sect of snooty business class of Gujarati folks with a stingy and scandalous reputation). The food was Gujarati, the ambiance was eclectic and the atmosphere was electric. I saw my cousins and second cousins after a long time. Some are unrecognizable and some look exactly the same. We lingered until late into the night talking about family peculiarities and cracking jokes. It doesn’t get much better than this!

Tomorrow, there will be more socials.

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