Talking to an old friend

I met my old college buddy Rajiv today. I hadn’t seen him for 20+ years. He looks young and fit. He hasn’t changed much. He has the same charm and confidence. We reminisced about old times and talked about the future. There was an old restaurant in Ahmedabad called Janahvee that we used to frequent. Rajiv, Nirav or I would never have any money and we would always make Anang pay. We were shameless and carefree. It was the good old days of college. Apparently, Jahanvee still exists. It was an awful restaurant (but cheap). I wonder if it is still as awful and as cheap!

There was no workout today. I need sleep. Every night, I am up until at least midnight and get only 3 to 6 hours of sleep. This is after being on the go non-stop for hours during the day. I fear that I will come down with something on my flight back.

I miss my pups and Binita . I have one more day here and then I head back!

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