Hectic last day in India

My last day in India was hectic. Last night, I returned from Bobby’s place at around 1AM and once again, hardly got any sleep. I woke up with a scratchy throat. I hope it is not a sign of worse things to come! After packing, we went to Swati for lunch. Swati is easily my favorite restaurant in Ahmedabad. I am not a big fan of Gujarati food, but Swati is how Gujju food should be made. It is even semi-healthy!
I took a 2PM flight to Mumbai and saw Nimay-Prachi-Rishabh for the first time during this trip. I saw Maisha for the first time ever! She looks just like Prachi and is a happy, healthy, very cute baby. Dinner was at an ITC restaurant called KNK (Kabobs and something-or-the-other). The food was very very tasty but a bit on the spicy side. Although I was only there for a few hours, Mumbai was disappointing. The traffic and pollution itself would make me not want to live there! I probably couldn’t afford it anyway. It has some of the most expensive real-estate in the world.
I am about an hour from Brussels as I write this on a Jet Airways flight. Thankfully, I slept for more than half the flight. My throat is still scratchy but no worse than this morning. After a quick halt in Brussels, I’ll be onwards to Toronto and then on to Phoenix. I still have a while before I am home!
I can’t wait to see Binita and Missy. Over the next few days, I will reflect on my trip to India. Overall though, it was SUPERB! I’m happy that I even got my long 11-mile run last weekend at the Sabarmati Riverfront.

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