Jetlagged, congested and sick

I had grandiose plans of running the 12ks of Christmas race today after a 24+ hour flight from India last night. Those plans were dashed because of a pretty bad headache and chest congestion this morning. After a superb but exhausting trip to Ahmedabad for a quick six days, I’m back in Scottsdale. Almost every night while in Ahmedabad, I was up late with friends or family and got very little sleep. It’s time to pay for it now!

I’m happy to be home. It is nice and quiet here after the hustle and bustle of India. Binita and Missy bring calm and peace to my life and I love them for it (and for a thousand other reasons). I miss Simi; there is comfort in the sadness I feel.

There will be no race or any training this weekend. I doubt if I will be better until at least Tuesday or Wednesday. It is frustrating as my fitness and speed were just building up!

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