In-ear heart-rate monitoring with ANT+

The year is almost over. It has been eventful. I’ll reflect on it next week in detail, but the ups and downs for me have been pretty extreme. The saddest day of my life was October 10, 2014 when Simi passed away. I think of her often. I dream of her often. I am sad when I wake up and come to terms with the reality that she is gone forever. Some things are not meant to last…

It is cold these days in Phoenix. Any outdoor activity seems like a chore. My training calls for running three times a week; I prefer outdoor running to treadmill running. I also like to run in the morning (especially on Saturdays). Fortunately, yoga and spin-bike in the gym are warm and comfortable!

I got on the stationary bike for an easy hour today. I’m using my old 310XT these days, but the new 920XT will arrive tomorrow. I continue with heart-belt issues with my heart-rate fluctuating wildly. There are new in-ear headphones available now with in-ear heart monitoring made by folks like Jabra and even Intel, but they are all bluetooth-compatible. If only someone would start making in-ear heart monitoring with ANT+ which can sync to my new 920XT Garmin device!

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