PK the movie

PK with Amir Khan

Today was my longest run since I ran the Ironman in March. It was cold out. The plan was to start running west starting at 56th and Indian School and drink along the way using water stations setup by various running groups. The plan was to carry calories to eat every 45 minutes. The eating plan went fine, but the drinking plan fell flat because there were no water stations. I ran up to the Biltmore, did the loop and turned back to drink water at the start of my run. After doing a total of 9 miles and returning to the start, I was parched without any water. Unfortunately, there was still no water. I ran another couple of miles towards Scottsdale Road to find a water fountain to quench my thirst. I drank heartily!

On the way, I ran into Jim Vogt who was also running 14 miles starting at Sole Sports. All in all, I was very satisfied with my heart-rate, my form and my pace. I mostly ran at level 2 and my pace was right at 8:30. In just north of 2 hours, I ran 14+ miles. I froze for the first few miles, but finished at an even pace.

Yesterday, we saw an excellent movie directed by Raj Kumar Hirani called PK with Amir Khan. If you get a chance, see the movie. It has good music, good acting and an excellent message. It is a bit long but thoroughly entertaining.

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