Extremist elements are in all mainstream religions

I fail to understand how people get so entrenched in their own religious and spiritual beliefs that they become completely intolerant and blind to any other philosophies. Every mainstream religion has its extremist sect. Muslims are usually the focal point of extremist news but Christians and Hindus have their own closed-minded groups.

Yesterday I mentioned the movie PK. It is a smash hit in India and an excellent movie. It takes into task all organized religions with their peculiarities and rituals. The film is Indian, hence it focuses on Hinduism and its vagaries, customs and exploits. The film exposes how most spiritual leaders cunningly exploit faith to amass an exorbitant amount of power and money. The movie’s message has offended some extremist organizations.

Over the past few days, the extremist Hindu elements are in full force vandalizing movie theaters in Ahmedabad. There is an organization called the Bajrang Dal that is behind these atrocities. Mind you, if the Taliban had done something like this, the news media would have labeled this a “terrorist act!”God help us (pun intended) from these ridiculous extremists.

Oh, there are also reports from near Mumbai that some extremists from the Hindu Mahasabha want to erect a statue of Nathuram Godse all over India. This is the same man who assassinated Gandiji back in 1948. They cannot be serious, can they?

I needed some mind-calming yoga after I found out about all this. Yoga helps me focus on the present moment to calm my mind, body and soul. I like sharing he practice with like-minded folks (although most members at The Village probably don’t share my political, cultural or ethical beliefs).

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