Missy is mopey

Naman, Amit and Dana are still here. Food and wine are flowing daily. The weather remains too cold to do anything outdoors for a long time. Even with warm clothes, running outdoors is chilly. It is expected to get colder and rainy over the next few days. I should move somewhere warmer (humor intended).

I went to the 30-minute abs class today and it kicked my core. I could barely do all the heavy abs exercises but I somehow persevered. I have no idea how some people do it for 90 minutes. Maybe I’ll give that a shot in 2015.

Missy has been extra-clingy lately. She seems sad. She must miss her sister. I do too, but life goes on. Missy does enjoy staring at the fish in the lake by our house. The water is clear these days and someone must have stocked the lake with new fish; we can see shoals of them around the banks. I wish I could make Missy feel better. Maybe it is time to think of getting a new dog…although nothing could ever replace Simi.

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