Medal before the race

Tomorrow is the 10k race. Therefore, today is rest day. All I did was drove down to Tempe to pick up my bib from Road Runner Sports. My bib number is 551. I wouldn’t call me superstitious but I do like 5s and 7s in my bib numbers, and I also like if my number ends with an odd number. Strangely, as you can see, they already gave me my medal along with the bib.

It is expected to be below freezing at race-time tomorrow morning. I will wear CWX tights, a long-sleeve skin and a t-shirt with a zip pocket on top. I will also wear either a skull cap or a fleece headband with my M-Dot visor on top. I expect to run the race in around 45 minutes. My PR for a 10k was set back in 2012 at 43:13, and I have no expectation of coming even close to this time. I was in pretty good form back then.

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