Mallards and Coots waiting for sunrise

Last night, the Whoopie Babes were over for dinner. As always, wine and dessert were flowing. Dates were on the menu. When Naman was in town over Christmas, he brought dates from Dubai stuffed with orange rinds and almonds. Yummm!

I woke up late this morning and went for a late morning yoga class at The Village. It was a non-vigorous class but we practiced inversions (head stands, hand stands, dolphin stands and the impossible chin stand). The rest of the day was spent relaxing including a slow lunch in old-town Scottsdale at 5th and Wine.

I have sent my race details to my coach (Bill Wilson) and am waiting for feedback. I am quite happy with my results from yesterday. I have a ways to go before I regain last year’s form but I am well on my way.

The picture here is what the lake at Kiwanis Park looked like before the race started yesterday. It was cold but serene…with Mallards and Coots waiting for the sunrise.

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