Marathon majors plus races in Africa and South America

I was rejected from the Berlin Marathon lottery last year. I will try again in 2015. I sent in my application for the NYC Marathon lottery yesterday. It is one of the majors. I want to do all of them:

  • Boston Marathon (scheduled to run it on April 20, 2015)
  • New York Marathon (if I get in, I will run it in November, 2015)
  • Chicago Marathon (if I don’t get in to NY, I will try for Chicago in October, 2015)
  • London Marathon (will try and run it in April, 2016)
  • Berlin Marathon (will try again for September, 2016)
  • Tokyo Marathon (either February 2016 or 2017)
That would leave out Africa and South America. In Africa, I would love to run the Big Five Marathon through the African bush. As for South America, I haven’t found the perfect race yet.
I picked up my bib for the PF Chang’s half-marathon today. I have already mentioned that I am number 2532. I’m excited and feel pretty good about the race.

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