High white blood count and low platelet count

I would get home from work or from training and yell out to Simi and Missy. Missy would be the first one jumping off the sofa or walking down the stairs to greet me. She would say a quick hello and go straight out the doggie door. Simi would walk over to me slowly with a smile on her face. I would crouch down on my knees. She would stand on her hind legs with her front paws on my chest and put her mouth right up against mine. It is a routine I miss dearly…

Missy is unwell. She is lethargic and doesn’t want to eat her food. She is subdued and her energy is low these days. I took her to the vet for a checkup today. After some blood work, we found out that her white blood count has skyrocketed in the past week and her platelet count is low. This is concerning but apparently manageable. The vet has put her on steroids and antibiotics. This evening, after her first dosage of steroids, Missy ate her food. She didn’t eat as heartily as she usually does, but she did eat. I’m concerned about Missy. She has been clingy ever since Simi passed. She obviously misses her sister as much as we do. Hopefully, the medicine will do the trick.

After the half-marathon yesterday, my body is a bit sore. I feel a bit of discomfort on the left side of my abs, but nothing significant. It merely feels like a minor muscle strain and should be fine in a day or two. I rested today. It is an easy workout week.

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