Whew! Missy is better

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday, Missy was moping around and was super-lethargic. After a dose of antibiotics and steroids, she is all energized today. I’m happy that it was nothing serious. Of course, we will still have to watch her. If she feels good, I feel good. Her next checkup is on Sunday.

I ran to day for an easy 30 minutes around my office. The left side of abdomen is slightly strained. I was hoping that running slowly will loosen it up by getting some blood flow going. Unfortunately, it feels the same. It is nothing significant though, just a minor inconvenience.

Looking back at the half-marathon on Sunday, I had a chance to reflect on the race. Here are my observations:

  • The course is tough, but I already knew that going in. My race planning was quite good. I could have used some more sleep. My performance could have been just a bit better.
  • My nutrition planning and execution were also quite good. Eating pasta for two dinners before the race was a good idea. Eating about 300 calories 3-4 hours before the race was also a good idea.
  • I could have run just a bit faster for the first couple of miles shaving down a minute or so from my race time. I felt like I still had a bit left in the tank when I finished.
  • I’m glad I finished strong. My last mile was my fastest.
  • The race itself was more crowded than expected, especially at the start. There is nothing different I could have done, but I’m certain that I lost a few seconds in the first few hundred yards.
  • My heart-rate and pace management were also quite good. I could have gone just a bit faster in the middle miles, but maybe I would have lost steam at the end
If I had to rank the different aspects of the race, here would be my rankings:
  • Pre Race
    • Sleep: D
    • Nutrition: B+
  • Beginning Miles of the Race (miles start to 4)
    • Heart-rate: B-
    • Pace: B-
    • Nutrition: A
  • Middle Miles of the Race (miles 4 to 10)
    • Heart-rate: B
    • Pace: B
    • Nutrition: A
  • Middle Miles of the Race (miles 11 to finish)
    • Heart-rate: A
    • Pace: A+
    • Nutrition: A
Overall Grade: B

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