Fartleks on a treadmill

For those of you who are new to training or are just reading my blog because you are friend or family, a Fartlek has nothing to do with people farting! Fartleks are basically intervals. They combine speedy running with relaxed running. Fartlek is a Swedish word which means “speed play.”

I wanted to run outside today but ran out of daylight. I ran fartleks on the treadmill at The Village. It was raining outside which made for humid conditions inside. Somehow, it was also pretty warm indoors making the hour-long fartlek run pretty hard. After an easy warm-up of 16 minutes, I did 6 intervals of 4 minutes at level 4 followed by 2 minutes at a slower pace before doing a 10-minute cool-down.

The Phoenix Open golf tournament is in town. The weather forecast calls for rain for the next couple of days putting a damper on the event. Like lemmings people will gather to get drunk on the 16th hole. I’ll be quite happy to stay away from all the shenanigans and parties!

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