Didn’t get to run in the rain today

It rained today. It is expected to rain tomorrow too. It wasn’t quite chilly but the rain cooled the atmosphere down to make a perfect day for running. Unfortunately, I am scheduled to run tomorrow. I hope I get to run in a light drizzle. Today, I got on the spin bicycle at The Village for 45 minutes for a relatively easy ride. I didn’t want to overdo it because I expect to run around 16 miles tomorrow.

The Waste Management Phoenix Open Golf Tournament is in town. Traffic is crazy around here. Adding to this craziness is the return of Tiger Woods to the tournament. Tiger didn’t make the cut though. He blew up today and shot 80+. He is not quite the golfer he used to be.

Work is busy these days. A client from New York has signed off on a project and a local client has made verbal commitments to sign off. We are looking for two developers. If you know folks in Phoenix with some tech skills, send them my way!

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