Chai Latte in the morning

Here in the US, the morning beverage of choice is coffee. Over in Britain and in India, the beverage of choice is chai. Chai sold at tea stalls in India is creamy and sweet. It is usually served super-hot in a small glass. Kadak Badshahi Chai in Ahmedabad is absolutely the best in the world (yes, I may be biased because I grew up in Ahmedabad).

While there is no substitute for chai served at tea stalls in India, I have started drinking Chai Latte made using a Kuerig machine that is pretty darned good. It is strong, sweet and full of cinnamon. If you like sweet chai, you should try it. It blows Starbucks chai away!

For my training, I got my abs kicked today. I went to Julie’s 30-minute Monday abs class. I have no idea how people survive that class and then do another one for an hour. My core remains weak, but at least I am working on it.

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