Runner’s high – either run hard or smoke pot

The day went by really fast today. Before I know it, the day was done and it was 5PM. I quickly packed up and went to The Village for a brisk outdoor run. It was still warm out but the tempo run felt pretty good.

At around the 36-minute mark, as I was running pretty hard (level 3), I hit the runner’s high. People who don’t run think that this is a myth but I experience it quite often. It has nothing to do with smoking pot either!! It usually happens between the 30 and 40 minute mark on a relatively hard run. It doesn’t happen every time though. You feel energized and euphoric. You are still breathing hard, but everything around you seems to go in slow motion as you hit a brisk, smooth pace. There are various theories about why we runners sometimes experience a runner’s high (just go here to see what Wikipedia has to say). Whatever the reason, I’m glad I experience it regularly!

We went out to dinner at a new spot in oldtown Scottsdale called Upton. Quite good it is. It is somewhat of an undiscovered place; it was practically empty!

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