Fartleks on a strained back

I had a Pipeline Worldwide meeting in the Biltmore area this afternoon. Right after the meeting, I took off for a run to the Canal on 24th, did the Biltmore circle and the looped back around on 44th via Camelback Road for a total of just short of 8 miles. It was fartlek / interval day. It was a tough but enjoyable run.

My back hurts just a bit. The lower left has a kink for the past couple of days that I am stretching out  but it refuses to budge. I thought running may help loosen it a bit but it has persisted. Hopefully it will be gone by long-run Saturday.

Somehow, during the run, my heart-belt didn’t connect with my Garmin 920XT. I ran purely on feel. I’m pretty sure I was alternating between level 4 and 2 for each of the 6 intervals. My speed fluctuated between low-7-minute pace to mid-8-minute pace. 

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