New Zoot Solana shoes

I’ve been looking for new shoes for about a month now. I love my Saucoy Knivara 5 shoes but also wanted to pick up a pair that has a bit more cushion and are still lightweight. The wait is over. Today my new Zoot Solana shoes arrived in all its green glory. I have a long run scheduled tomorrow and don’t want to chance the new shoes yet, but will will give them a shot next week. Next week is rest week, hence my runs are relatively short. It’s a perfect time to bring out a new pair.

My back hurts a bit. I feel a tweak in my lower left side. While it is nothing to write home about (although I guess I am still blogging about it), I decided to rest today instead of going for happy hour yoga.

The cricket Worldcup begins tomorrow in Australia / New Zealand. This time, India doesn’t have the strongest of teams. Australia is favored to win but I am rooting for India (of course) and then South Africa. The big India-Pakistan game is tomorrow!

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