Bacon hamburger with truffle ketchup

There are tons of Hallmark Holidays. I consider Valentine’s Day as one of them. I did relent and got Binita a bouquet of a dozen red roses though. It went over quite well! That was yesterday.

Today, my ankle feels better. I have no aches or pains. Next week is rest week. Life is good!

Most of today was spent doing housework. We changed out air-filters and light bulbs that had stopped working. In the afternoon, I went for yoga at The Village and then we went out to dinner at Bink’s Midtown on 24th and Osborn with Kristi, Matt and Karrie. The food and company were superb. It was an absolutely delicious bacon hamburger that I devoured in its entirety along with french fries and truffle ketchup. Yummm!

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