Cricket World Cup 2015 is in full swing

30 minutes. That’s all I ran yesterday. It was an easy, comfortable run with mostly level 1 effort. The weather is quite perfect these days with calm winds, bright sunshine and temperatures into the mid-70s. Rest week is going nicely!

The cricket worldcup is in full swing. Only a few game have been played but the top teams are sitting pretty. Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and India are all looking good while West Indies and Pakistan need to turn things around quickly. Ireland has been the surprise of the tournament so far beating the once-mighty West Indies.

I may do a little 5k race on Saturday. I have to do my lactate threshold and there are a couple of races not far from my house. If I wake up early enough, I may go for one of them. We’ll see if I can even come close to breaking the 21-minute mark. Gone are the days when I used to aim for the 20-minute mark.

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