Phoenix Half Marathon on Saturday

Julie is coming to town on Wednesday. Our house will be in tip-top shape by the time she arrives. Binita went and bought new plants and was cleaning all morning. She assigned a few vine-trimming tasks to me. I even had to bring the ladder out for it!

Otherwise, it was a lazy Sunday. I went to yoga in the afternoon. The folks at The Village are not as friendly as the club-goers at Lifetime. They are a bit more snooty and a bit more older. I guess I fit right in!
Missy’s x-ray results came back from the radiologist. Her liver is enlarged but apparently this is of no concern. It is a side-effect of the medicine she is on. That’s good news. She had a normal weekend. She wasn’t quite as energetic as she used to be, but she wasn’t lethargic either. We took her for a short walk in the afternoon.
Tomorrow is the beginning of another relatively easy week. The week culminates with the Phoenix Half Marathon on Saturday. I ran the full marathon last year to qualify for Boston. I’m sure I will relive the nostalgia from last year!

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