A few lessons from the Phoenix Half Marathon 2015

If you read my blog post from yesterday, you know that I had a good race (Phoenix Half Marathon 2015). I’m happy. I had a few mishaps that I need to learn from:

  • Pay attention to pinning your bib to your shirt. Make sure it is not inside out.
  • Pay attention to the nutrition you pack to eat during the race. Make sure it is not stale.
  • Pay attention to your shoe laces. Make sure they are tied properly so they don’t come loose during the race.

There are a thousand things that can go wrong during a long distance race. Someday, I will compile a list of everything that has gone wrong with all the races I have done. Saturday’s mishaps were minor and didn’t really affect my overall time. In the past, I have been dehydrated, chaffed and blistered, had salt in my eyes, forgotten to wear a helmet (bike), started running with a helmet (triathlon), even DQ’d from a race for not doing enough laps on a bike!

Saturday’s race felt easy but I’d be foolish to become overconfident for Boston. I know Boston is net downhill but it is hilly all the way. From what I have read and from talking to various people who have done Boston, the hill at mile 21 is an absolute killer. I have not come up with a race plan yet for Boston, but will soon. I plan to add hills (both uphill and downhill) to my training over the next month or so.

I rested today. It was overcast for most of the day. Missy and I hung out at home and I took her for a walk in the afternoon. She is doing better but is still on meds. She goes back and forth between being energetic and being lethargic. Oh, and my bloody toes have already healed.

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