My chipped tooth gets fixed

Last Sunday, I was eating some chips and crackers with hummus when I felt like a chewed on a small rock. I would find out within minutes that I had actually chipped one of my upper left molars. Fortunately, it didn’t hurt but my chipped tooth had such a sharp edge that I was sure it is going to cut my tongue. I was super-careful while chewing.

This morning, I got it fixed. It was a pretty routine procedure and took all of forty minutes to fix. No harm, no foul.

At the race last Saturday I met Katie (aka Tooth Fairy) who is scheduled to do her first triathlon in a couple of weeks. I met her for coffee today to see if she wanted to borrow my bike for the tri. Unfortunately, my bike is too small for her; she is tall! I tried…she will probably end up renting a bike! Best to her of course, I can’t wait for her to get hooked to triathlons.

It was fartlek time today and I decided to do them on a treadmill at The Village. It was a tough run starting with a 16-minute warm-up followed by 6 intervals of 4 hard minutes and 2 soft minutes before cooling down for the final 10 minutes.

I will take it easy tomorrow before doing my long run on Saturday.

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