Missy loves birds, but not as much as Simi did

Last night, we went to a fund raiser organized by KJZZ (the local NPR station). The event was quite good but it went on and on. We didn’t get home until almost midnight. Missy had a vet appointment this morning and her blood work is almost back to normal. She is still on meds but her dosage will be reduced starting today. Progress! Plus she is in great spirits. Simi was the bird lover, but Missy loves them too (in this case, an Egret in the lake by my house). I miss Simi…

Today was an easy training day. I went to yoga in the afternoon and relaxed for the rest of the day. My allergies have been particularly nasty the past couple of days. I succumbed and took some nasal spray and eye drops today. The heat in Phoenix continues with temperatures climbing to almost 80 degrees already. It is actually quite perfect outside these days (except when I am running).

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