First time – twenty second arm balance

Instead of going to the regular Monday abs class, I decided to go to yoga instead. I thought that a good stretch would do me good. For the first time, I was able to hold a balance pose similar to the one pictured. Of course, I look all convoluted with bent knees and legs barely above the ground; and not anything as graceful as the woman pictured, but I am balancing on just my hands for about twenty seconds.

Otherwise, it was a mundane semi-busy day at work. Naman is in the US and is going to come to Phoenix around March 18 for a couple of days. He is the biggest jetsetter I know. I have no idea how he spends pretty much every day in a different timezone.

Missy is back to her crazy self but has this gnarly growth near her right eye. It is a benign wart but it bleeds and then it coagulates and looks quite nasty. It barely even bothers her though. 

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