Africanized bees on the prowl in DC Ranch

Most people who visit Arizona are apprehensive about snakes and scorpions. There are also mountain lions, bobcats, coyotes, javalina and a host of other creatures abound. We see scorpions, coyotes and javalinas all the time. Snakes are relatively common in the spring and summer, but bobcats are elusive, and mountain lions are rare.

The scare around my neighborhood today was because of bees. Africanized Honey Bees are quite active in the spring and are found in the warmer climates of Arizona. They are armed and dangerous; at least that’s what people around here believe. Apparently, there have been bee attacks in Arizona, and people have died because of it. Check out the sign that was posted near my house. Crazy, right?

As for my training, I ran hard today on the treadmill at my office. It is an easy treadmill and my run felt pretty good. I started easy for the first 15 minutes, kicked it up for the next 35 minutes before cooling down for the final 10.

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