Beehive in a Saguaro at Silverleaf

Yesterday, I saw a sign near my house warning everyone of bee activity. I thought I had seen a beehive in a saguaro at the entrance of our development (Silverleaf at DC Ranch); today I stopped and took this picture. Sure enough, it is a beehive embedded within a hollow of a large Saguaro cactus (you can see it towards the top on the right side – zoom in to see the bees). It looks quite benign but I’m sure it can be quite deadly. I think they are Africanized bees (although I can’t be sure). I will not report this to the authorities and let the bees do their pollination and nesting thing in peace.

For my training today, I went for abs class at The Village. It wasn’t quite as hard as the class that Julie teaches (a sub was teaching today). Tomorrow is fartlek day and Saturday is long run day.

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