Mergansers in Scottsdale, Arizona

It was rest day today. I took Missy for a walk around the neighborhood and explored the spring flowers. Ethel’s garden near our house is going through somewhat of a transformation with dozens of new rose bushes, primroses and other new plants. They all seems a bit small and immature but I’m sure they will bloom nicely next year.

A small flock of Mergansers has taken up residence in the lake by us. You can see their gorgeous scraggy red plumage on their heads and sleek bodies. They are graceful in the water but a git ungainly on land. I’m not sure if they are Red Breasted Mergansers or Common Mergansers though. If you can tell by the picture, let me know (click or tap to zoon in)!

Tomorrow, I have to run for 3 hours. I plan to start by Granada Park and run on the canal for a good 21 or so miles. I hope to start early to beat the heat. We’ll see if I wake up early enough!

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