Long 3-hour canal run in Phoenix

I didn’t sleep well last night. Missy was feeling unsettled and wouldn’t stay put in one spot for more than a minute. She was also whining for a little while. Something was obviously bothering her. We are not sure what it was because by this morning, she was totally fine!

The day started early today. After not sleeping through the night, I was up at around 5:15AM to get ready for my long run. I ate a piece of toast, drank water and was off. At around 6:30AM, I started from Granda Park going in the south-easterly directly.

I ran for 3 hours with a few stops on the way. I met up with Erin after about 4 miles and ran a dozen or so miles with her. My pace was tempered and so was my heart-rate. I ate and drank regularly. It was in the final hour that I began to feel the heat; and only in the final 30 minutes that I started to overheat. Otherwise, it was a nice smooth 21.5 mile run averaging 8:23 per mile. Not bad!

Julie and Renee are in town. The girls went out to see Cinderella at iPic in the afternoon while Missy and I napped at home. Tomorrow will be a relaxed day with not much on the schedule.

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