Cacti blooms in the Arizona spring

I ran easy on the treadmill today for 40 minutes at The Village. Rest week is helping me recover nicely from all the long runs for the past few Saturdays. My allergies are bothering me just a bit, but I have zero aches and pains.

The weather is gorgeous these days. It rained a bit today. The flowers on the cacti are starting to bloom and the bright colors really stand out in the earthy desert. Look at how bright the colors are. These are the ACTUAL flower-colors (no enhancements) and the pictures are taken with a pretty crappy camera on my iPhone. Brilliant, right?

Birds have already nested by now and are starting to have babies. I’ve seen ducklings and baby quail flitting about here and there. Baby quails are especially fun to watch; they look like the float on land. There’s a saguaro nearby that has a host of starlings nesting in it.

It’s the best time of the year in Scottsdale!

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