Happy Birthday Simi – Rest In Peace Simi

14 years ago today, Simi was born. For thirteen-and-a-half years, she brought much joy and love to my life. She knew unconditional friendship and loyalty. She pranced and danced as a puppy, she barked and howled as an adolescent, she admired birds and took care of Missy as an adult, she became somewhat aloof and lethargic in her old age. All through this, she smiled all the time. She was a happy dog content with her surroundings, content with life.

It has been almost 6 months since she passed. I think of her constantly. Little things remind me of her; especially when I am doing stuff with Missy. Missy doesn’t have the quirks that Simi did. Missy doesn’t have the smile that Simi did. But Missy is also fiercely loyal and loving. Lately, Missy has become more and more clingy. She’s been somewhat ill the past couple of months, but is coming out of it nicely. She is not quite her crazy self, but she does have glimpses of craziness!

I miss Simi. RIP Simi. I think of you often…

As for my training, I got on the spin bike for 10 miles for 30+ minutes averaging around 18MPH. It was a pretty easy spin at The Village.

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