Hummingbird nest in the courtyard

Last year, a hummingbird made a nest in the courtyard and two little baby hummingbirds hatched and flew away. This year too, barely 15 feet from the nest from last year, a hummingbird is building a nest. It is tiny and not quite finished yet. It is the perfect location nicely protected from rain and wind, and it is impossible for predators to get to it.

I ran easy on the treadmill today for 5.75 miles in 45 minutes. I must have selected an easy treadmill at The Village for the run felt quite comfortable at level 1 and level 2.

Next week will be super-busy. I have intervals, fartleks and a long run coming up. I also have to be in Salt Lake City for a day for work next Thursday; and I have the Pipeline Worldwide presentation / fundraiser on Wednesday!

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